Events > Wonder Women In Science Webinar

We are excited to relate that learners at ADL participated in a webinar hosted by UKZN in celebration of Women's month….Wonder Wonder in Science.

The webinar was zoomed in our media room using our smart board. 26 learners from grades 9 to 11 participated in this event. See list below.

The presenters were dynamic and very motivational. They related valuable skills to our learners encouraging them to pursue science related careers and to never give up on their goals in life.

We are thankful to the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science at UKZN for inviting us to be a part of this exciting event.

Special thanks goes out to the dynamic Maths and Science Team of Dr A.D Lazarus for their support and assistance.

Rabia Oppong gr 11
Shristi Ramjuttan gr 10
Reece Rivaj Sewpal gr 10
Viola Reddy gr 10
Akira Sewpal gr 10
Sneha Bhugeloo gr10
Kayleen Pillay gr 10
Thembelihle Mthuli gr 11
Kiaan Patel gr 11
Asanda Zondi gr 10
Mishka Narain gr 11
Diya Bhagwan gr 10
Sahil Ramsunder gr 10
Kiara Chetty gr 1
Saiyuri Durga gr 11
Lindelwa Thabethe gr 10
Diora Kazadi gr 10
Anashe Svongwa gr 10
Talia Rene Raman gr 9
Slondiwe Biyela gr 9
Avumile Musitafa gr9
Germaine Gounder gr10
Raza Ali gr 10
Mayoran Govender gr 10
Yauvani Govender gr 11
Dr R. Mahadev