Dr A.D Lazarus Secondary School

"What you feed your soul, is what you harvest with your actions." - Shannon L. Alder

The creation of a positive learning environment for learning and teaching and to strive for the attaintment of Educational Excellence
Mission Statement
We aim to promote the holistic development of learners. We, the community, the pupils, and members of the school governing body must assist the educators in providing sound morals and principles for adulthood so that all learners contribute to the development and growth of the self, the community and the country.
Dr A.D Lazarus Secondary School

Garden Project 2021

Our school has been selected to be part of the Fundisa KIC-CCE project on climate change. This is an initiative of the UKZN. The project involves schools that have been selected from the greater Durban to be part of the global initiative of mitigating the effects of climate change.

Our school has therefore chosen to initiate a market-garden project on the school premises. We therefore call on learners to volunteer their time to work on this garden project. The aim of this project is to cultivate vegetables which when harvested, will be made available to indigent learners.

Learners who volunteer will be expected to work on the garden after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays. This will be done on a rotational basis. Parents will therefore need to make transport arrangements, if necessary.

We also call on parents, on a voluntary basis, to support this initiative by donating seeds, seedlings and necessary equipment to kick-start the project.

We thank you in advance for allowing your child to be participate in this exciting project. We look forward to a bountiful crop this season.
Dr A.D Lazarus Secondary School

Dr A.D Lazarus  


Dr A. D Lazarus Secondary (ADL) was established in 1992 which was initially referred to as Reservoir Hills No 2. On the 13th January, the staff and learners of Clare Hills Secondary moved into this school and it was then named in honour of one of the finest academics that served the cause of education in our country, Dr A. D Lazarus (1903-1988). He was a respected as the “Doyen of Indian Education” nationally and internationally.

The first Principal of Dr A.D Lazarus Secondary was Mr S. Govender. The maximum holding capacity of the school was 750 learners. Dr A. D Lazarus Secondary was first of its kind in South Africa, built for the integration of abled-bodied learners and physically challenged learners into the mainstream schooling. Special parking and toilets for the physically challenged were built to accommodate learners. The school comprises of a single double storey block (Administration) and several single storey blocks in the rest of the school. The campus is extensive and is barrier free with wide doors enabling the use of wheelchairs.

The school was initially built to accommodate learners from R. P Moodley Primary School for physically challenged learners to complete the secondary school education. The most celebrated physically challenged learners to complete their matric at Dr A. D Lazarus Secondary were:

 Siphamandla Gumbi – He was confined to a wheelchair after being paralysed by polio. Siphamandla represented South Africa at two Olympic Games in wheelchair basketball.
 Rakesh Soni – He was a talented, self-taught musician and an exceptional flute player. He recorded several CD’s. It is unfortunate that he has now passed.
 Vernon Vadivelu – He was a talented and exceptional artist. He lectured at the Durban University of Technology. It is unfortunate that he also passed.
 Lucelle Govender – She was unable to use her arms and resorted to use her mouth to hold a pen and write beautifully.

Gradually, the enrolment of learners with physical challenges ceased at ADL, as R.P Moodley School was able to accommodate children with several challenges. Over the decades, Dr A. D Lazarus Secondary School has produced outstanding academics and talented learners who hold key positions in the medical and corporate worlds.

We bid farewell to staff...